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2021 Ford F-150 for Sale in Greenville

The F-150 is a purpose truck built from the ground up updated to be the most challenging, most beneficial F-150 ever made. The F-150 is a result of merging premium-grade muscle with finely tuned insights and design. It is an ideal pickup truck for all kinds of Simpsonville roads.

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Although the F-150 is a large vehicle, the vehicle is simple to drive. It lets you experience a smooth ride even on off-road Greer roads, with its suspension retaining the road imperfections without issues. So be the judge by taking the F-150 beyond its usual horizons and experience controlled power, hill descent control, large wheels, and impressive ground clearance.


The vehicle is fitted with the latest tech that facilitates the driver's comfort. It showcases an up-to-date infotainment display that enables the driver to access features like a camera, navigation through Easley roads, making phone calls while driving, and your go-to music playlist. You no longer have to carry your flashlight for illumination within the F-150. You can turn your long days into late nights by simply lighting up specific spots of your car remotely.

With a digital owner manual, you can get to know your vehicle on your terms. It is reliable and user-friendly, with in-depth information on the features of the car. You can also access how-to videos all with the aid of a searchable database.

Additionally, the F-150 is designed with Smart Hitch to load trailers and adhere to innovative Hitch measures. Once the trailer is set up on the touchscreen, Smart Hitch calculates its weight and will indicate if the current hitch weight is excess or too low. It even guides the owner on how to properly tension weight by redistributing the hitch. Another way the F-150 informs you that your carrying excess weight is through the FordPass App or LED visual taillamps.

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Its interior work surface is impressive. You no longer need your friend's back while signing contracts. The F-150 gives you a go-to office. You can pull out a table that unfolds directly from the center dashboard or pivots the table seats in the interior work surface towards you and get right to work. Have your lunch, place your laptop, or sign documents on these surfaces.

The F-150 is considered a military-grade vehicle because of its rigid, bold, aluminum-alloy body. Its LED headlights are enormous and powerful. The spacious and comfy seats allow you to stretch however much you want without bothering anyone in the cabin. The cabin design is attractively made from quality material, and it remains quiet even at break-neck speeds.

Listen to your favorite music in quality and throbbing sound system with powerful, high-quality speakers fitted around the cabin. For heavy travelers, this vehicle has ample storage options to store your luggage. It highlights features like rear-folding seats with under-seat storage capacity.

If you need your things safely locked, the folding lockable lower seat is an excellent storage spot. It is merged with the truck's floor and is ideal for keeping loose items or anything that you require kept safe.

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Ford F-150 Safety

The Ford F-150 is a haven. The car provides intelligent safety tech to avoid collisions and keep you on track. Interestingly, this vehicle comes with consequent brakes that sense when a tire has ceased turning under excess braking. In turn, the car will automatically balance the weight to allow the tire's rotation. In addition, it automatically senses when the vehicle dealing limits have been surpassed, in turn, diminishes the engine power, and engages select brakes to ensure the driver doesn't lose control.

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